Client care system

Arike Adl int. law firm is the first law office in Iran providing best client care using an online system, reporting everything on the legal cases. That’s one of many reasons that makes us best law firm in Iran.

Experienced lawyers

Experience and knowledge are the key factors to be the best law office in Iran.our lawyers have top academic degrees, highly educated and are well experienced.

Professional Approach

Arike Adl International law firm in Iran, managing more than 9 expert departments offers all legal services in Iran professionally.We simply possess the loyalty of the best Iranian lawyers!

Best Iranian law firm With 9 professional legal departments

We will be at your services!

Arike Adl law firm, a law office in Iran, Tehran uses over 9 expert and professional departments to facilitate the most effective and result-based services. we cooperate with best Iranian lawyers,  first grade and well-experienced ones in order to offer high quality legal and commercial services.

We are an international law firm in Iran with a strong focus on client’s rights. we follow a very simple strategy in every minute of our activities and it’s always putting the client’s interest in our first priority. Our final goal is to gain the trust of all of our clients by bringing them the best quality that is ever possible.

One of the biggest concern of clients is to find the professional lawyer in Iran. Well! we have gathered best Iranian lawyers and we will perform all the services under one roof.

Gathering Best Iranian lawyers considering their field of speciality in defferent legal departments ables us to offer professional legal services to each client when the time comes. you can check our professional legal departments and their scope of services below: 

The main idea: being professional

To be honest finding a lawyer in Iran who exactly possesses the expertise you need is a little bit hard. with a network of best Iranian lawyers in professional legal departments, we made this job many times easier for you.

All the services under on roof

An important feature for a great international law firm in Iran is to answer all the needs that a client may have. We have gathered best Iranian lawyer in our vast network to make this happen. WE provide all the services under one roof.